June 22, 2010


County searching for new County Manager

Highlights of the meeting include paving Jackson Lake Rd., bailing out JCWSA, and the
County Manager resigning!

Last night during the June 21st BOC meeting, much to the shock of people attending, the BOC agreed several times.  There were a few votes that all five of them voted for the same thing.  These included disbursement to the Library from the Impact Fee funds, and the appointments to the Family and Children Services Board and the Jasper County Library Board. 


But alas, JCWSA was on the agenda and this time before it passed some stipulations from Comm. Cox were approved.  First every one of JCWSA’s customers will be charged $25.39 on their tax bill for the Fire Hydrant Tax (but there’s some other name the county attorney uses).    Comm. Cox added that all the brush has to be cleared and kept cleared from around all the hydrants since JCWSA is using these tax funds to supposedly maintain the hydrants, and all of the hydrants have to be checked each year by the fire department and must have at least 45 pounds of pressure.  From the looks of things this tax is going to run forever and ever.  Comm. Cox said the JCWSA didn’t have to have new customers to support themselves; all they had to do was keep adding water lines and hydrants.  The vote as usual was 3 to 2 with Cox and Patrick against the tax.


Also passed last night was the paving of Jackson Lake Rd. on the one and a half miles from Hwy 212 to Holman Rd.   Of course the $151,773.18 they need to get the county part of the job done is going to be found “somewhere.”  It was no surprise Comm. Bernard wanted to use the SPLOST money and the County Manager recommended that approach because he had talked to “some commissioners” which really meant one commissioner.   THANK YOU COMM. PENNAMON, PATRICK, AND COX who stood by their guns and refused to let the SPLOST funds be used! This money will now either come out of the Capital Improvement or General Funds and of course Comm. Bernard says he’ll cut whatever so he can get the money to pay for this road.  He ran his campaign on the fact that if he got elected he would get Jackson Lake Rd. paved, and everyone knows that’s been his personal agenda ever since he’s been back in office.  Remember that there will be another $88,000 or so paid for by the State under LARP thanks to Comm. Patrick putting Jackson Lake Rd on the LARP list last year.

It remains to be seen if the SPLOST money will now be used to maintain or improve any of the remaining roads on the SPLOST list.  During citizen comments the BOC was asked just why they couldn’t agree to move forward.  Even Comm. Pennamon made some comment after the Jackson Lake Rd. vote that maybe the BOC could move on to other things now.  Everyone is tired of hearing about Jackson Lake Rd. as if it is the only road in the county.


The TWG would like to know just what is the role of the County Attorney??  It seems that he has his fingers in everything.   He’s going to check into everything, adds to the conversation as if he’s the 6th commissioner, and write up everything and get back to the BOC.  It seems he has to coach the chairman on how to conduct the meetings as well, especially public hearings.  How much are we paying him to be involved in every item of county government?  We thought he was hired to advise the Commissioners, not to run the county.   Maybe since the County Manager handed in his walking papers last night the county Attorney should apply for both jobs. 


Yes, that’s right.  The County Manager that was just hired resigned last night.  His letter was read by Comm. Hill and said he was retiring from public service.  Guess we’ll see who the three amigos come up with next.  Comm. Hill said the county would be advertising for a County Manager and CFO as one job.  Just like Comm. Cox and Comm. Patrick wanted before to save the county money.  Don’t you wonder how long it will take this time?  What was it something like 6 months the last time to find a County Manager?


With all the items on the agenda it was hard to believe the meeting was over before 8:30.  Comm. Hill didn’t want any discussion and just wanted everything voted on.  Could it be because the vote had already been decided before the meeting ever started?



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