June 22, 2008


In a surprise move in the June BOC meeting, Betty Moon was acknowledged for her 25 years of service to Jasper County.  Betty Moon has served as CFO, CEO, County Manager, Public Relations, Certified County Clerk, and secretary to the Commissioners.  Betty pretty much ran the county single-handedly for many years, and she knows how things are supposed to be done and when they are to be done.

 It is interesting that these Commissioners are willing to give “Miss Betty” a plaque and talk highly of her but refuse to give her a raise.  Mrs. Moon had encountered some uncertainly about her job and salary during the previous Board of Commissioners. When Russell Bennett, Carl Pennamon, Charles Hill, Greg Wyatt, and Jerry Crow were commissioners, they decided they needed to hire a new young County Manager and in the words of Russell Bennett, “someone they could train their way.”  Betty Moon was relegated to a position working at the landfill in undesirable conditions in the attempt to get her to quit. 

When the current “new” commissioners were elected, they said they would bring Betty Moon back to BOC office, and they did.  People of this county that have had dealings with the BOC office know that Betty Moon is friendly and helpful and treats people with respect.  She is willing to do anything she can to help a citizen get an answer or solve their problem.  If she can’t do it, she will direct them to someone that should be able to help them. 

The current commissioners could learn some “public relations” lessons from Betty Moon.  Giving her a plaque is a wonderful thing, and she should have been recognized for her 25 years of service.  However, refusing to give her a raise after dedicating 25 years to Jasper County is inexcusable. All other county employees (with the exception of County Manager) were given a 2% raise.  Some employees did even better; they were given additional raises by “redefining their job titles” even though most of them have worked less than 5 years for the county.  

It is better to treat someone with respect and dignity every day than to give them a plaque at an opportune time.  Congratulations, Miss Betty! The people of Jasper County that have dealt with you appreciate your service.



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