June 19, 2009  

CommissionEr Mary Patrick—
the first woman commissioner for Jasper County

 Commissioner Patrick ran on a platform of honest, open government with accountability.  Comm. Patrick was determined to have night meetings re-established so the people who work and want to see what is really happening in this county can attend. 

 Commissioner Patrick and Commissioner Cox were the first commissioners to hold a Town Hall Meeting in the past 2 decades.  Anyone from any district could come and ask any question, and they did.  They even got answers to those questions!

 Comm. Patrick is very practical and all about the business of the county.  Once she has her mind made up, though, it is almost impossible to change it.  Comm. Patrick voted against a cell tower in the county that TWG feels would have brought revenue to the county. 

 As well as having a long comment about each and every item that is on the agenda, Comm. Patrick questions the County Manager about many issues in almost every meeting which comes off as nagging to some.  It is obvious she does much research for each agenda topic and expects things to get done. 

 Comm. Patrick seems to be determined to get a road maintenance schedule for the county so we can all know when our road will be worked on.  She has also worked on several problems with Animal Control and the department is running much more professionally.

 Commissioner Mary Patrick looks as if her main goal is to get this county running smoothly.  She continues to bring up ideas to get rid of the waste of taxpayer’s money and to make accountability a standard.  Comm. Patrick is excellent with budgets and figures and is trying to have efficient government.

These are all reasons why TWG refers to Commissioner Mary Patrick as a bulldog with lipstick.


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