June 13, 2007


No one seems to care about zoning issues until their back yard or surrounding area is affected. Zoning affects everyone in the county—more road work, more children in schools, more police, more fire, more 911 calls. All the added costs mean more money which comes from increased property taxes.

The next meeting of the P&Z board is June 28, 2007 beginning at 7:00 pm in the County Annex building, 162 N. Warren Street, Monticello, GA. Following is the agenda—with item (e) we have attached a drawing. This is a most troubling rezone request. See comments below.

a) Application 200702, applicant Jasper County Planning & Zoning Commission, proposed text amendment to the Development Ordinance to require subdivision design to utilize the principle of Conservation Subdivision Design. (TWG—If you have comments about Conservation Subdivisions and exactly what they offer differently from “standard” subdivisions, you should attend.)

b) Application 200703,applicant Jasper County Board of Commission to discuss road acceptance policy. (TWG—Remember, if a road is accepted by the County, the taxpayers keep it maintained from now until forever. These rules should be very strict as to what roads are accepted and when.)

c) Applicant Jasper County Planning & Zoning Commission, partial plan update on Jasper County Comprehensive Plan (TWG—The comprehensive plan deals with many areas, including how areas are zoned in the County.)

d) Application 2007SB02, Edison Bluff to request a final plat for 39 lots on 53.10 acres located on Jackson Lake Road. (This is the subdivision across from Martin’s Marina on Jackson Lake Rd.)

e) Application 2007Z04, applicant/owner Eric Stanfield, to rezone 76.04 acres located at Hwy 212 W from Agriculture to Residential & Commercial. This tract is shown on parcel 25 on tax map 34. (TWG—The conceptual drawing doesn’t detail what this actually is. This “plan” is to have not duplexes, but something with 4 units in each unit shown on the drawing. 72 units x 4 = 288 residences on 72 acres—with 3.5 acres being “commercial” at the entrance. This is across the highway from the Washington Park Elementary School. TWG has also been told that this is supposedly for “Active Senior Adults.” Will this be restricted to 55 and older? This development would bring approximately 450 more people, cars, etc. right at the schools.)

You can send comments to the P&Z office by fax 706-468-4938 or telephone 706-468-4905.


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