June 8, 2009


 Bits and pieces are coming out about the retreat. 3 citizens did attend and have provided some information.

 The auditor did confirm that the county is in the hole $1 million for 2008.  Thank you, Comm. Pennamon and Comm. Hill.  No one ever heard you say anything about the spending or the County Manager not giving the board correct figures during 2008.  It’s time you both stepped up and take responsibility for the incompetent County Manager and the $1 million problem.

 Commissioner Payne stated at the retreat that “not much gets done during the meetings.”  Wonder why?  TWG suggests you take a stand and vote with those that want to get something done.  You might be amazed at what can be accomplished. 

 The County Attorney pointed out that the BOC meetings are “public meetings not meetings of the public.”  Who does this attorney think pays his bills?  Why is it so important to keep the public in the dark and silent?  We aren’t mushrooms, and we do have brains.  We want to know what is going on and where our money is going.

 Someone brought up that complaints should go through the County Manager or commissioners.  It was said that commissioners cannot make good use of the time if they hear repeat complaints at meetings.  They probably wouldn’t have to hear the complaints or repeat complaints if the County Manager was doing his job and returning phone calls and actually doing what he says he is going to do.  The people have no one else to turn to but the commissioners if the County Manager isn’t doing anything about the problems.  This is the reason people have said they want the BOC back in charge of our county government.  Not a county manager.

 It was pointed out that ACCG stresses that commissioners should not respond to the public or start a dialog.  And who elected the ACCG?  The people elected the commissioners and expect a response to a direct question.  What is wrong with that?  The commissioners appear arrogant when they won’t answer a question.

 Comm. Hill said he did not like to have public comments at the beginning of the meetings because he felt that the public was trying to influence him.  Really?  Why else do citizens call you, Comm. Hill, other than to get you to vote for something they want?  Why else would the citizens put you in office if not to represent them and do what you can for our county?

 The discussion on the County Manager centered on his responsibilities.  It was brought up that they won’t vary much from his current job description.  In a slip of tongue Mr. Williams said he never read the job descriptions.  That could be one of the problems as to why it doesn’t seem he’s doing his job.  TWG also thinks the county attorney is dragging his feet in coming up with a job description so the search for a new County Manager can begin.  It’s already been a month since it was first voted on.

Comm. Pennamon raised the question if it should be a requirement that the county clerk live in the county.  C’mon Carl, we all know how you feel about the county clerk.  You’ve tried things like this before.  The duties of the county clerk are maintaining county records and minutes and to serve the commissioners.  In order to do that she can live anywhere.  If the clerk wants to commute 3 hours each way, that should be her choice.  The county does not pay for mileage to work and back home.

For some reason Kathy Mudd, editor of the Monticello News, sat at the table with the commissioners and participated in discussions.  Isn’t her job is to report the facts as to what actually happened?  We hope that was her purpose for attending.  Three other citizens were there.  Why weren’t they invited to participate and sit at the table too?

Commissioners stated unanimously that they would not expense mileage and would pay for lunch out of their own pocket.  Big deal!  The retreat should have been in Jasper County so all the Commissioners could have attended and gotten on the same page.  Isn’t that the purpose of a retreat?

TWG encourages citizens to be at the June 15th meeting—6:00PM—next Monday night.  The auditor will make the 2008 audit report so we all can hear it.  There will also be a public hearing on the new Planning and Zoning Ordinance.  If you don’t mind more control over your property by the local government and code enforcement officer, you won’t need to attend, otherwise, we suggest you be there and participate in the public hearing.  You can find the proposed ordinance here.



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