May 30, 2011



Commissioner Cox seems to be mighty touchy about the letter to the editor and other emails concerning Commissioner’s training and how much it is costing.  He sent out an email about how all the training he goes to is no vacation.  He is in class day and night.  Comm. Bernard says he agrees in his "I agree with Alan" email.

Here is what we were able to find on the internet about the ACCG conference this year—Three Dog Night performed:

From a sold out County Buyers Mart to an exciting conference celebration featuring Three Dog Night, this is an ACCG gathering that you don’t want to miss.

Read more here:  www.taxdogs.com/ACCG Sav2011ThreeDogNight.pdf

 Here is what we were able to find on the internet about the ACCG conference last year—The Four Tops performed:

The Monday night dinner and concert, sponsored by Yancey, will feature The Four Tops!        Read more here: www.taxdogs.com/ACCG Sav2010Four Tops.pdf


 When our commissioners go, they stay at the one of the three most expensive hotels in Savannah.  Read more here:



Look at the information we received through open records request about the 2010 amounts spent by all BOC members on training- $11,129.  ACCG is paid for training and the hotel is paid directly, but you can figure out who went to all the training and spent big bucks at the hotel. 



The detailed 2010 invoices we got several months ago show Hill, Cox, and Bernard all went to Savannah in April and Bernard and Cox went to Atlanta in the Fall along with many other trips in between.  Pennamon was reimbursed for some mileage and so was Patrick in March.  Patrick took an online course.


The big spending has continued in 2011.  Bernard has already signed up for Sea Palms this June.  The information we could find on the internet show a beach towel, beach ball, and big sun.  TWG is sure this means classes all day and night.  See flyer here: www.taxdogs.com/ACCGSeaPalms.pdf


Getting back to that email from Cox.  Here’s the part of his email about his training--

From: awcatlanta@hotmail.com
Subject: Taxpayer Watchdog Group
Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 14:19:17 -0400

We don't get reimbursed for anything other than training and you would think that was a vacation. No, it is not a vacation...classes start at 8 am and last until about 4 pm, then you have a break until about 7 pm when group meeting and speakers start. This goes on everyday, Saturdays and Sundays included. They are held out of town in different locations to be fair to the whole state. Unless we sleep in our cars, we have to pay the going rate at the hotels. No, these are not vacations, last year I finished my certification as a "ACCG (Association of County Commissioners of Georgia) Certified County Commissioner. ACCG certifies that I know what I am doing in the job...Do you feel it is important for the people making your county decisions to know what they are doing? I guess some don't.


Alan also forgets to tell you that by taking all this training you get to pay for, he gets an extra $100 a month in his pay check now that he is certified.  Is he making better decisions now that he is certified?

Then Comm. Bernard had to add his two cents worth.  That’s because Jack is always going to meetings and having the county pick up the tab.  It is easier to change the subject or try to discredit someone else than to have people know how much money he is spending. 

Last year Bernard and Cox spent over $8000 in training, hotels, and reimbursements for mileage.  But Jack finds it disturbing that TWG sends out “downright fabricated emails.”  Does Bernard ever provide any proof of what he puts out?


From: Jack Bernard
To: recipient
Sent: Monday, May 30, 2011 12:40 AM
Subject: Taxpayer Watchdog Group

Alan Cox, Commissioner from District 5, sent this email out to his constituents this week. He is a fine man and public servant. I completely agree with his remarks.  I find it disturbing that the TWG continues to send out totally misleading and downright fabricated emails... and even more disturbing that some citizens are continuing to receive TWG trash rather than simply blocking it.


YOU decide.  Are all these expenses just fabricated by the TWG?  Did Alan and Jack stay in their rooms during any entertainment at the ACCG meetings?  How many of these training classes would they take if they had to pay for them out of their own pocket?  Any public servant knows it costs to serve the people, but not if you can find a way to hit the beach and get paid for it while training to be a better commissioner.



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