May 27, 2010


Why is Jackson Lake Road the only thing that seems to matter NOW to Comm. Bernard?


Comm. Bernard said at the May 17th meeting that when he moved here 13 years ago, Jackson Lake Rd. was in bad shape.  Why didn’t he put it on the SPLOST in 2005 or on any of the LARP lists from 2005 to 2008 while he was in office?


Based on DOT records, these are the roads that were done with LARP money during Comm. Bernard’s last term in office.  The year shows the year DOT awarded the contract for the road.

  • Runner Rd.                 2005   County Manager Greg Williams road
  • E. Mourning Dove       2005
  • Crane Ct.                    2006   County Commissioner Greg Johnson road
  • Waxwing                     2006
  • Chickadee                   2007  County Commissioner Jack Bernard road
  • Nuthatch                     2007
  • Parrot Court                2008 
  • County Line Rd.          2008

During these four years the only road on this list that isn’t in Turtle Cove is County Line Rd.


With SPLOST money Parrot and W. Mourning Dove were done as some of the very first roads.  Both of these are in Turtle Cove.  They are 2 of the 5 roads that have been completed.  There are 5 left on the list.


During 2008 some dirt roads were done with what they call triple surface.  Based on  records we obtained, the only roads done in the entire county were all in Turtle Cove---Bobolink, Bobolink Court, Pelican, and Falcon Circle were the roads done.


If people in Turtle Cove are so concerned about Jackson Lake Rd.  why aren’t they asking their commissioner why he did not put it on the original SPLOST list and why he never put it on the LARP list?  Why can’t he answer that question?




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