May 25, 2009

Comm. Carl Pennamon, 24 years of no ideas and no progress

 For over 20 years Comm. Pennamon has been on the BOC.  What has he done for the people of Jasper County or for those he’s supposed to represent in District 1?  Can anyone think of any accomplishments?

 Comm. Pennamon talks a good talk one on one, but in the meetings you never know what he will say.  It’s usually not the same thing he said one on one.

  1. When he was elected this time he told several people that one of the main things he wanted to accomplish was to replace the County Manager.  WHY then did he vote NO to start a search for a new county manager at the May 4 meeting?

  2. Comm. Pennamon accused the County Manager of getting something like kickbacks from the county engineer last year in the September 8, 2008 meeting.  During that meeting Comm. Pennamon said he could NOT vote for Mr. Williams contract extension.  According to the transcript with Pennamon speaking:

                            And, to be honest with you and personal with
                you, I feel like that because I brought this issue and
                asked this to be put on the agenda, I see Mr. Nix is
                here, which is a partner of this firm.  And I just feel
                like it goes back to Mr. Williams.  It's a conflict of
                interest, and it's been a conflict of interest since day
because in January -- February of '07, we had set a
                date to go with -- go to meet DOT Commissioner, and
                before we could sign a contract with LSA, Mr. Williams
                suggests then that we take Larry Kaiser, which was not
                even on their contract then.  And it bothers me. 

                            And now you see this as being -- you're
                being double billed, in my opinion.  I mean, I just
                think that is illegal, and I think that there should be
                some formal investigation to find out whether it's
                illegal.  And in looking at all of these documents,
                there is no -- no -- and I'm going to say it again -- no
                signoff by the County Manager on none of these.  And I
                looked at them all.
  And I just feel like that there is
                a conflict here, and I believe that there is something
                under the table that's going on.
  And if I'm proven
                wrong, then I will admit that I am wrong. 


                           MR. WILLIAMS:  Excuse me, Mr. Commissioner. 

                            MR. PENNAMON:  I just feel like it's wrong. 

                Mr. Williams, I have the floor.  I'm the commissioner.
                You can have a seat, and you can wait until I am
                finished, and then you can discuss anything you like.
                Okay?  But I addressed the Chairman.  Okay?

                            And I feel like -- and that's my personal
                opinion from what I have said and what I read here, and
                that's one of the reasons why I cannot vote for your
                contract.  Because the fact is I feel like there's a
                personal interest here, and I have a problem with it.

                And I'm going to state my problem, and I'm going to
                stand by my decision and my opinion.  Okay?

 What’s going on under the table now, Comm. Pennamon,  that has changed your   mind?  What is the County Manager doing for you?


  1. Comm. Pennamon made the motion to have a retreat in Athens to discuss matters like agendas, chairman’s authority, e-mails, finance, and board meetings.   In the past Comm. Pennamon has tried to play the crowd and enjoyed people being at the meetings.  Now it’s more like hiding everything from the people.  What’s changed Comm. Pennamon?

  2. Comm. Pennamon seemed so gung-ho to get things done the first few meetings of this year.  That’s probably what he promised so he could be chairman.  Now he’s back to his usual trick of stopping any possible progress and throwing a monkey wrench into everything he can and then blaming every other commissioner for problems and lack of action.   He’s done this to every board for every term he’s served.

Jasper County will never progress with a commissioner like Comm. Pennamon who changes direction like the wind.  Can anyone say TERM LIMITS?


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