May 18, 2009


Ronnie Payne, the new commissioner for District 3, was elected by the ABJ (Anybody But Jack) vote.  Everyone had high hopes for a Board of Commissioners that could and would work together, but something happened after the February night meeting.  Things have become touchier and it is obvious to anyone attending the meetings. 

Comm. Payne discusses very little in meetings and not much when talking to people in his district.  Comm. Payne campaigned on planning and setting long range goals.  He also said he would keep “a keen eye on what monies are coming into the county and how these monies are spent.”  He has never asked one question during the financial presentations at the BOC meetings and acts almost hostile toward any commissioner that questions the County Manager on the figures.  TWG can not think of any cuts that Comm. Payne has suggested.  Long range goals should include keeping property taxes from increasing and cuts are going to have to be made to do that. 

When “search for a county manager” was on the agenda and came up at the 5-4-09 meeting, Comm. Payne automatically wanted this item discussed in executive session not in an open meeting.  He voted with Comm. Pennamon and Comm. Hill to have the new county attorney interviewed in executive session.  Comm. Payne wants a retreat out of the county so that the people of this county will be left in the dark. This was another 3-2 vote with Comm. Pennamon and Comm. Hill.  He seems to forget that he represents the people and spends their tax money.  Why does he want most discussions out of the public eye?  He said in his campaign ads that the citizens mattered.  What happened?

Comm. Payne stated in a BOC meeting that it was a waste of his time to sit and listen to road maintenance problems in the meetings.  He said he talked with the County Manager about the problems in his district.  Road maintenance is the biggest problem in this county, and solutions need to be discussed in open meeting.  As observed by anyone attending meetings and by those that have called in for help, the County Manager never seems to follow through on things he says he’ll do, so why would Comm. Payne’s requests be any different?

Comm. Payne has said publicly, and on more than one occasion said, he wishes he had never run for county commissioner.  What kind of representation can the people of District 3 expect when their commissioner wishes he wasn’t one?

Comm. Payne, please give us your cost cutting ideas and your long range goals.  We need to know that the citizens really do matter to you and you are working for them and what is best for all of Jasper County.


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