May 11, 2009


 How many years has Comm. Hill served on the BOC?  12 going on 16 we believe.  But what has he actually ever done?  And just who does he represent?

Over the past few meetings, Comm. Hill has not done things he has said he would.

  1. Comm. Hill was supposed to meet with the Shady Dale City Council about the garbage pickup problems the Mayor came before the BOC about.  Did he? NO!  There was a notice in the paper stating the Shady Dale Council voted to pull out of the service.  How much money does this mean the county loses because Comm. Hill didn’t try to work anything out with them?
  2. Comm. Hill attends the Four County Development Authority meetings each month, or is the BOC member that is supposed to.  He has also been given the minutes each month to bring back to the county for our records.  Has he?  NO!  When asked about them he said he had them but just hadn’t brought them—for several months.  Steve Jordan sent copies of them over to the county office so there would be copies on file.  TWG has never heard Comm. Hill give the other commissioners any report on the Four County Development Authority so they know what is going on.
  3. Comm. Hill was supposed to talk to the Shady Dale Council again, but this time about dissolving the 911 Authority.  He volunteered to do this at the last meeting in April.  When asked about it at the May 4 meeting, he said he hadn’t done anything.  Are we surprised?  NO!
  4. At a meeting in February a citizen spoke about his road and said Comm. Hill was his Commissioner.  He wanted something done about the road and the bad shape it was in.   Comm. Hill made the excuse that one side of the road was in another district and acted like he couldn’t have anything done about it because of that.
  5. Comm. Hill doesn’t seem to care much about the roads in his district except his own.  Everyone that has attended meetings in the past knows Comm. Hill didn’t put any roads in District 2 on the SPLOST list.  At a recent meeting a citizen brought up the fact that the only road submitted by Comm. Hill for stimulus money was Aikenton Rd.  That’s the road Comm. Hill lives on! 
  6. Comm. Hill went out of town to Savannah recently to attend a conference and stayed at the Desoto Hilton.  The BOC voted in January not to have any out of town travel, but that must not apply to Comm. Hill.  How much did this trip cost the taxpayers of Jasper County and how necessary was it? 

The citizens of Jasper County and especially those of District 2 should call Comm. Hill and ask him to do his job which is to do more than warm a seat and draw a paycheck.   You probably won’t hear back from him, but maybe he’ll get the hint and start performing his duties as a Commissioner. 


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