May 6, 2009


What would you do if you owned a business and your CEO kept giving you wrong information month after month?  Or how about your CEO not doing things he was asked to do, not once or twice but time after time?  Would you fire him or would you let your business continue to go down?

The May 4th BOC meeting was another meeting where the County Manager, Jasper County’s CEO, told the BOC that he hadn’t followed through when it came to saving money on some copiers, had problems with the postage meter he contracted for, and gave the BOC some questionable financial information. 

Each month Comm. Patrick tries to pry financial information out of the County Manager.   She usually doesn’t make much progress.  This meeting was a little different though.  The County Manager grudgingly admitted that he hadn’t posted almost a million dollars in payrolls and the cash balances weren’t anything more than looking up the daily balance on the bank website.  Comm. Patrick asked the County Manager how those could be the correct balances when the recent checks that were written hadn’t cleared the bank and he hadn’t taken any of them into account.  The County Manager just hung his head and looked down at the floor.  It was obvious all the figures he had given the BOC were wrong and he knew it!  Comm. Cox finally asked if the bank statements were even being reconciled, and the County Manager said they were.  Do the BOC members really believe him? 

Two commissioners seem to get it; when are the other 3 going to get a clue?  The county appears to be going deeper in the hole and no one knows how far, especially the County Manager.  Comm. Patrick has said at several meetings that if they don’t do something the only choice will be to raise property taxes.  She has also asked several times when they are going to have a budget work session and do something about all this.  Comm. Pennamon finally said they’d have a budget work session at 5PM before the next meeting (May 18).  Do you think the County Manager will be there to “help”?

The BOC voted 3-2 with Cox making the motion, Patrick making the 2nd, and Payne hesitating but finally voting yes, to start a search for a new county manager.  If this BOC had a clue, and it seems two do, this search would have started 3 months ago and by now there may have been someone as CEO that could answer questions, follow through, and actually give correct expenditures and budgets to the Commissioners.  In all the meetings that expenses, cost savings, and cuts have been mentioned, the County Manager has never suggested one thing.  Let’s all hope the search is started now and the other 2 commissioners get a clue soon!


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