May 4, 2010


BOC refuses to move forward on SPLOST Roads

BOC refuses to pick SPLOST road(s) even though they had a special called meeting to do so—the gang of 3 continues to block all suggestions


Once again NO decision was made at the called meeting on April 29, and instead of discussing the SPLOST roads, the meeting was adjourned with a 3-2 vote.  

About an hour after the meeting 3 commissioners were still together and discussing something.  Comm. Pennamon was sitting in his truck on the square while Comm. Bernard and Comm. Hill were standing outside around 12:40PM.  Comm. Hill was busy beating his fingers on the hood of the truck making some kind of point.  This little tailgate party must have had some effect. 

At the May 3 meeting Comm. Bernard and Comm. Hill voted NO with Comm. Pennamon abstaining (the attorney said this effectively was a no vote ) to do the following SPLOST roads—Hodges Farm, East Bullard, and Feldspar Rd.  Comm. Cox and Commissioner Patrick voted yes. 



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