April 29, 2011



The BOC had a special called meeting on 4/26/11 at 6PM.  The main topic of discussion was paving for Feldspar Road and if there was a contract.

At the 4/18/11 meeting, the Public Works director answers questions and assures the BOC there is a contract for Feldspar Rd.  Please listen to Will Brown; he is confident there is a contract and tells the BOC and county attorney so:



At the special called meeting we learned that there was not a contract.  The county manager made his usual comments of “former employees and previous staff”.  Listen to Comm. Patrick’s comments here.  She did not like it that the board had been misled at the previous meeting and didn’t buy the excuses.

Comm. Cox also commented.  He made several good points and talked about procedures.


After the meeting the Public Works director got in the county truck and left.  He must have taken the county truck home because his personal vehicle was at the PW department locked behind the gates at 7:30PM that night.  There has been talk for many months that he takes the truck home on a regular basis, but it appears no one cares to do anything about it.

 Brown personal vehicle

After watching and listening at several meetings, one has to wonder why the BOC tolerates the condition of Hodges Farm Road and the Public Works director asking to have it paid for anyway, being lied to about the Feldspar Road contract and costing an additional $20,550, and hearing the county manager make excuses each and every time.  The Public Works director needs to have his wings clipped a little and do the job he was hired to do –take care of our county roads!  The BOC should wonder if the county manager actually supervises the Public Works director or if he can just do anything he pleases.


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