April 19, 2010




The TWG started in 2001.  The reason it was started was because the Board of Assessors office was a total joke.  The chief appraiser was not qualified, members of the BOA were not certified, the tax digest was never sent to the State on time and was not correct, and the county paid big fines every year.


TWG has brought many things to light in this county and things have changed.  Look at the BOA office now.  We would bet it is probably one of the best in the State.  TWG has always sent emails out about the budget, the BOC meetings, and other things that go on in the county. 


Mary Patrick, now Commissioner Patrick, started the TWG in 2001.  Meetings were held each month and were attended by 20 people and more—sometimes as many as 50 people.  Cheryl Nowetner and Juanita Gazaway, now co-chairs of TWG, were original members of TWG.  They have attended BOC meetings for years, helped with the newsletters, and then took over TWG when Mary Patrick was elected to the BOC. 


You will never guess who used to attend TWG.  Jack Bernard!  That’s right, during most all of 2004 when he first ran for election, he attended the TWG and supported everything TWG did.  Jack always signed in and spoke during agenda comments and was all for open government.  Jack even asked for the TWG’s support during his first campaign.  He made many promises during the TWG meetings, including not funding JCWSA.


The TWG is now condemned by Comm. Bernard for doing what they’ve always done--report on the meetings and what goes on.  He has repeatedly sent out ugly emails about TWG and “Mary Patrick” who he tries to link to the TWG; he says she still sends out the TWG emails.  He has told people that we (Cheryl and Juanita) don’t have enough sense or knowledge to put out the TWG newsletter.  We hate to bust his bubble but Mary Patrick has nothing to do with sending out these newsletters.   We will continue to send out emails about what goes on in the meetings and if any of the BOC members don’t like it, too bad.


Looking back it seems like Comm. Bernard has become more vocal and more ugly towards Comm. Patrick ever since LARP money was awarded for Jackson Lake Rd.  This is something he didn’t do and said couldn’t be done.  He never put it on the LARP list during his previous term in office.  He didn’t add it to the SPLOST list either.  Now he wants to borrow money or use SPLOST money promised for other roads.  Comm. Patrick, Comm. Pennamon, and Comm. Cox don’t agree and vote over and over not to do so.  THREE commissioners don’t agree with him, but he only condemns Comm. Patrick.  She is his target and he was asked about this at the town hall meeting.  Comm. Bernard said he had to defend himself.  He even put it in an email that it would be in Comm. Patrick’s “political best interest” to vote with him on Jackson Lake Rd.  What does that mean?  Is this a threat?


Comm. Bernard says TWG supports a $7.5 million budget instead of the $8.2 million budget he voted for.  TWG supports NO particular budget, but TWG does support NO tax increases and NO deficit spending.


We would like to assure the people that entrust their email addresses to the TWG that we do not give your addresses out to anyone.  Your newsletter is sent directly to you!  We have had people call and say they are receiving nasty emails from a commissioner that somehow got their address. 


Please forward this to your friends and neighbors and if they would like to receive the email have them contact us at taxpayerwatchdogs@yahoo.com.  We’ll be glad to add them to our list.

Juanita Gazaway & Cheryl Nowetner, Co-Chairs



From: Jack Bernard <bernard_jack@hotmail.com>
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On a 3-2 vote, the BOC voted not to use SPOLST (sales tax) funds to pave Jackson Lake Road . The vote on this ammendment was 3 against: PATRICK, Pennamon and Cox. Bernard and Hill were for it.

 Also at Monday’s meeting, per the TWG, “Comm. Pennamon made the motion to do East Bullard Rd. and Feldspar Rd. with SPLOST money.  Comm. Patrick agreed but they lost the vote 2-3.” 

 This action just confirms what I have said all along: JLR will not be paved as it should be (i.e. through reclamation of the road base, not just laying 1" of asphalt over a deteriorated road) until Mary Patrick decides that it is in her political best interest to vote to do so. Her strategy thus far has been to attack me through TWG emails and to confuse interested people with misleading information about state LARP funding. See my earlier emails as to what the state will pay for (i.e. $84,000 of the total $1.7 million needed).



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