April 18, 2008



It appears as if someone has finally gotten wise to the tactics used by Newton County and its attorney in trying to convince citizens and the taxpayers who will pay for it, that Bear Creek Reservoir is the only alternative for future water in the area.

 Many citizens may not realize all the “misrepresentations” provided to them by those wanting this reservoir.  The attached letter from US EPA of 8 pages outlines many of them. 

From page 6 of the letter:

In conclusion, the proposed project purpose has not been fully supported, the alternatives assessment has not included a number of practicable alternatives, the applicant's alternatives were assessed using inaccurate data, and all of the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of the preferred alternative were not assessed. Furthermore, the mitigation plan is fragmented, lacks detail, lacks baseline data, and consists primarily of wetland and stream preservation that is likely to result in a net loss of wetland and stream functions. EPA finds that this project, as currently proposed, may not meet the requirements of the Section 404(b)(l) Guidelines and may have substantial and unacceptable impacts on ARNI. Therefore, EPA recommends denial of the project, as currently proposed. This letter follows the field level procedures outlined in the August 1992, Memorandum of Agreement between the EPA and the Department of the Army, Part IV, paragraph 3(a) regarding Section 404(q) of the CWA. We look forward to working collaboratively with the applicant and the Corps to reduce project impacts to a permittable level.

 Read highlights of the letter here—such as:

..this project..will have the largest extent of stream impacts of any water supply reservoir ever permitted by the Savannah District.

 The current application does not, in our opinion, clearly explain this large change and much higher population projection.

 More:  http://www.taxdogs.com/BCRhilitEPAdenial.pdf

Read entire letter here:

TWG has provided information on BCR to the public since 2003.  An informed public does make a difference!  Letters to the Army Corps of Engineers and 
others has made an impact.


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