April 14, 2010



Following is an email from Comm. Cox.  He, like the TWG, is sick of bailing out a failing entity called Jasper County Water & Sewer Authority (JCWSA).  They have lived off the government tit a little too long.  No matter how much money they are given they can not keep their debt paid up and continue to go deeper in the hole.

How many times is JCWSA going to keep coming to the BOC?  Every year they come, again and again.  They keep going further down and deeper in debt, but neither Comm. Pennamon nor Comm. Bernard asked them when they were going to quit coming and asking for money like they did the library.

Comm. Bernard said a few years ago they shouldn’t keep bailing out JCWSA because they were bankrupt.  Yet, he and Ken McMichael, a JCWSA member, campaigned heavily together.  TWG has been told that Comm. Bernard told some people while he was out campaigning, that Brack Pound, JCWSA Chairman, had contributed to his campaign.  Now the reason why these two JCWSA members were so much behind Bernard seems to make sense.  As Comm. Cox says, Comm. Bernard should recuse himself from any vote on this issue!


See Comm. Cox’s email below.  TWG urges you to attend the next meeting and call or email all the Commissioners and ask them not to vote to bail out the JCWSA again!


 ----- Forwarded Message ----

From: Alan Cox <awcatlanta@hotmail.com>
Mon, April 12, 2010 7:58:23 PM
Subject: More Taxes...Another Bailout.

They are at it again...Carl, Jack, and Charles are wanting to give your money to a private company that is going broke. Sound familiar? Yes they want to bailout Jasper County Water and Sewer Authority (JCWSA) again and they want to put the fire hydrant tax back on you again. Remember the $52.00 per year that I promised to get removed? I did get it off you just like I promised but they are planning to do it again.
Jack Bernard's campaign manager was Brack Pound...Brock Pound is the Chairman of JCWSA. Does that sound like a conflict of interest? To stop them you must show up at the meetings and demand that Commissioner Bernard NOT VOTE ON THIS ISSUE. Otherwise you will see that $52.00 again this year and every year for the next forty years, Thatr is over $2000.00 from each of you to a company that is NOT part of your county government. That is another company being rewarded for making poor management decisions. Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If he votes anyway, call the State of Georgia Ethics Commission 404-463-1980 or email at gaethics@ethics.ga.gov if you wait it will be too late, Mary Patrict and I can not stop them with two votes...you can.

Alan W. Cox
Jasper County Commissioner


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