March 22, 2010


Today the BOC voted –after much discussion—to use the LARP money to pave 1.49 miles of Jackson Lake Rd. as originally proposed by DOT. 

Comm. Pennamon wanted to put Jackson Lake Rd on the agenda and said it needed to be discussed so DOT would know what the county was going to do before April 1.  He said DOT had called him on Wednesday after meeting with Comm. Bernard.  Comm. Patrick asked if the DOT rep was going to be at the meeting and the County Manager said they would only come if the Chairman requested it.  Comm. Hill said he didn’t know anything about the whole situation.

During the discussion Comm. Bernard tried to push a “county grant” instead of LARP.  TWG doesn’t know what that involved but it sounded like instead of DOT doing Jackson Lake Rd like they do other LARP roads, the county would get the money and as Comm. Bernard said, “let their own contract for Jackson Lake Rd.  He also continued to push reclamation and widening, which were not included in the LARP award and would cost the county more money.

The county will have to pay $48,000 - $49,000 to do deep patching.  The DOT will award the contract to do the leveling, repaving, and striping.  Comm. Pennamon said the contract should be awarded on April 1st and Comm. Patrick said she hoped they could start work by July 1st.

TWG is still interested in answers to the real questions about Jackson Lake Rd:

  1. If Jackson Lake Rd has over 3000 cars a day (according to Comm. Bernard) why wasn’t it put on the SPLOST list in 2005?  TWG has asked for documentation of this statistic, but Comm. Bernard said he has none.
  2. If Jackson Lake Rd is “the most heavily traveled road in the county” why wasn’t it put on the LARP in 2006, 2007, or 2008 instead of Chickadee Court (where Comm. Bernard lives)?
  3. Why did Comm. Bernard state that Jackson Lake Rd was not eligible for LARP funding and instead propose that the county borrow $1.7 million to fix it?
  4. After DOT did propose patching and paving Jackson Lake Rd with LARP money, why did Comm. Bernard make a proposal to GA DOT to widen JLR at additional expense to Jasper County taxpayers and have them include the cost in their email to the county?
  5. Why weren’t all of the Commissioners informed before Comm. Bernard met with the DOT engineers about Jackson Lake Rd?  In particular, why wasn’t Comm. Patrick informed since she put it on the LARP list? 


Once again, TWG urges you to attend the meetings.  The YouTube videos at www.youtube.com/gajasper give you a taste of the meetings, but there’s nothing like being there.  There are several videos already up about Jackson Lake Rd and this last meeting’s video should be up soon.



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