March 17, 2011 


March 17, 2011



At the last BOC meeting the County Manager told the commissioners he wanted a contract.  The commissioners had some information about it in their packets and the TWG requested copies of that information.


From: Taxpayer Watchdog [mailto:taxpayerwatchdogs@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 4:25 PM
Subject: Open Records Request

Mr. Wood,

Yesterday I had to leave the meeting early.  Would you please send me the information concerning the county manager contract that was given to the commissioners in the packets they receive.  If you would please send this on email I would appreciate it.

Juanita Gazaway


From: Greg Wood <gwood@jaspercountyga.org>
To: Taxpayer Watchdog <taxpayerwatchdogs@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, March 8, 2011 5:04:37 PM
Subject: RE: Open Records Request

I am not refusing your records request, but since the taxpayer watchdogs are not an incorporated body or otherwise legally recognizable group, counsel has advised that records requests need to come from individuals until such time that the group incorporates or establishes another legally recognized and identifiable status.

 As to this request, the only information provided was in the agenda package.  Everything else was done in Executive Session for which I was not present and is not subject to open records requests.

 Greg Wood


From: Taxpayer Watchdog [mailto:taxpayerwatchdogs@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 9:37 PM
To: Greg Wood
sritter@law.ga.gov; Juanita Gazaway
Subject: Re: Open Records Request

Mr. Wood:

You need to get your facts straight! The Taxpayer's Watchdog Group has been incorporated since March 19, 2002.   I would appreciate you and the "Counsel' getting me the open records I requested.  I would also like you to please quote me the Georgia Code Section that you and counsel used to make a decision such as this. 

Furthermore, I don't care about what happened in Executive Session; I happen to know this is not open records.  I asked for what was given to the Board of Commissioners in their "PACKET".

Juanita Gazaway, Co-Chair
 cc:  Mr. S. Ritter
       Attorney Generals Office.


TWG did finally get the information requested, and we want all citizens to know what type of contract our BOC may be considering.  The link is below.  However, as of today, no Code Section has been produced as to how our county manager and “the counsel” can withhold open records from anyone.   

This reminds us of several years ago when anything the BOC wanted hidden, excuses were made and documents hidden until the Attorney General’s office sent a representative down.  Are we going back to that again?  At one meeting after the County Manager was just hired he talked all about “transparency” and how he was even going to put the agenda packets online for everyone to see.  Now TWG can hardly get a page or two from it. 

County Manager Contract Request

If this link does not work go to our website.

Has anyone else noticed that at the top of every email and article it says “TAXPAYER’S WATCHDOG GROUP, INC.”??



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