March 8, 2011



Once again the BOC meeting started off with Comm. Bernard wanting to change the agenda.  This time he wanted an item put under Commissioner’s Items by Comm. Patrick taken off.  This item dealt with this exact issue; not letting her put items on the agenda while all the men on the board can add anything they please.  It is bad when citizens can not speak, but this board even denies other commissioners the right to bring things up.  Comm. Patrick had a few words about it.  Watch the video here:

Many times citizens come for one item on the agenda, but it may be deleted, changed or another item added.  During the meeting Monday, Executive Session was called out of the clear blue right in the middle of the meeting.  This BOC is so arrogant and they act like their time is more important than any citizen’s time.  They stayed in executive session for over an hour, probably hoping people would leave rather than wait until the meeting started again.  (Reminds us of the Bennett, Crow, Wyatt, Pennamon, and Hill term where people were forced to wait outside in the sun until they gave up and left.)



The PW director and the County Manager teamed up again and tried to convince the BOC to pay over $40,000 to the contractor that worked on these roads.  Listening to the commissioners, these roads must be in bad shape and they were just not convinced that any more money should be paid out until they were fixed.  Comm. Cox especially questioned the PW director and said that we had already paid for the percentage of work done.  Why is the PW director so dead set on paying this money out?  If a good job was not done why should the taxpayers pay out their hard earned money?  Where was the PW director when these roads were being done?  He said he was supervising this work.   The board voted 4-1 not to pay the extra money to the contractor with Comm. Pennamon voting against it.



According to the PW director (who is now also the landfill director) and the County Manager, the landfill has problems.  The County Manager said there was a consent order that expired in 2008.  Immediately Comm. Bernard wanted to know if the landfill director, meaning Ken Tillman, had informed the BOC of this and if not he should be counseled and reprimanded.  Watch the video here:


Who was on the BOC in 2008 and should have been aware of what was going on?  Pennamon, Hill, Bernard, and the county manager Greg Williams, but there always has to be someone to blame.  It’s the Jasper County way!

At least three members of the BOC do not want the landfill because it cost money.  The CFO said landfills do not make money.  Citizens need to keep a watch on this or there will not be a landfill and junk will be all over the dirt roads and in ditches.



Three members of the BOC, Hill, Bernard, and Cox, are going to attend an ACCG conference in early May so there will not be a meeting the first Monday.  What will the cost be?  Is it in the budget?  Does anyone care?  Based on an open records request concerning  “education and training” for the BOC, the ACCG conference last year cost the taxpayers around $4000 for three commissioners.   Comm. Hill stayed in the Savannah Marriott Riverfront at a cost of $780 for the room. 

Last year Comm. Cox and Comm. Bernard spend close to $8,000 going to meetings.  The total spent by the BOC for the year was $11,265.03 for “education and training.”  What does this do for the county?  Why is this money being spent when employees are having to take furlough days? 



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