February 16, 2010


Comm. Bernard seems to have other plans for Jackson Lake Road LARP money


After reading Comm. Patrick’s announcement about LARP money being awarded for the first 1.49 miles of Jackson Lake Rd., Comm. Bernard sent out an email. 

In this email he indicated: 

  • Jackson Lake Rd had already been put on the LARP request list when he was in office and Comm. Patrick shouldn’t take any credit.  TWG says “prove it”.  Produce the letter and/or list to DOT with Jackson Lake Rd on it.  Chickadee Ct. was on the list for at least two years—2007 & 2008.


  • Jackson Lake Rd should not be done with LARP money because that isn’t good enough.  He wants to completely re-do (reclaim) the road from Hwy 212 to Hwy 16 and borrow $1.7 million to do so.  Does this mean he’ll ask DOT to redirect the money to another county road?  Is this what the people of Turtle Cove really want?


  • He wrote “The citizens of Turtle Cove want a road that lasts 20-25 years – not one that lasts 3 years and continues to cause us problems!!”  It appears that only the citizens of Turtle Cove matter and everyone else’s road can be patched, if it is worked on at all.  The rest of the citizens of Jasper County have never seemed to matter to Comm. Bernard.


  • He also wrote “The most obvious choice is to use SPLOST funds.”  For some reason Comm. Bernard is willing to risk a lawsuit to get his way about using these funds.  He fought with Comm. Pennamon for 2 years about it and now he’s fighting both Comm. Cox and Comm. Patrick about it.  There were ads in the paper telling people what roads were going to be done with SPLOST.  Jackson Lake Rd was not on of those roads.  It wasn’t until 2008 when Comm. Bernard wanted to run for re-election that he really started pushing this issue.


  • Comm. Pennamon made it clear during one of the first meetings in 2009 that SPLOST for Jackson Lake Rd was nothing more than a political road  and the current attorney agreed.  Comm. Bernard’s email says the county attorney now agrees SPLOST funds can be used.  See video here:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DOVA3TFJ14


During a recent meeting Mr. Bernard told the public that he personally made phone calls to GDOT and Jackson Lake Rd. does not qualify for LARP
. Now that some LARP money is coming our way to help pave 1.5 miles of Jackson Lake Rd. he is still not satisfied.  While it makes sense that a reclaimed road will last much longer, one has to consider the expense (borrowing $1.7 million for 20 years) and the current budget.  Borrowing and spending is something Comm. Bernard does well; the 2008 audit shows the BOC overspent more than $1 million in 2008.  Is raising everyone’s taxes to pay for Jackson Lake Rd and option while not wanting to use free LARP funds?


See all the videos dealing with ideas and suggestions for Jackson Lake Rd. during the 1/19/10 BOC meeting.   It has been broken into segments to get the entire discussion up.


Jackson Lake Rd -Part I  (Comm. Bernard’s plans) http://www.youtube.com/gajasper#p/a/u/2/NZyNr7fnOlY


Jackson Lake Rd –Part II  (Comm. Cox questions Comm. Bernard about his comments on Jackson Lake Rd)



Jackson Lake Rd –Part III  (Comm. Pennamon agrees Jackson Lake Rd is not a SPLOST Rd)



Jackson Lake Rd –vote on  $1.7 million loan



The vote was 1 for (Bernard), 3 against, and 1 abstain (Hill.)  Comm. Hill won’t go against Bernard because Hill is also trying to get 2 roads done that are not on the SPLOST list.  Comm. Hill and Comm. Bernard are again pushing for engineer Larry Kaiser to work on the SPLOST list he developed with these “other roads” hoping “their” roads can be included.


Last but not least, which Commissioner put his own road on LARP request list for several years before it was accepted in 2008 and done in early 2009?  Other recent LARP roads that have been paved: Runner Rd. where then County Manager Greg Williams lived and Crane Ct. where then Comm. Johnson lived.  Both these roads are in Turtle Cove.  Why wasn’t Jackson Lake Rd that important then and put on the LARP list?


Once again, TWG urges you to attend the meetings.  The YouTube videos at www.youtube.com/gajasper give you a taste of the meetings.  You really need to see and hear what goes on


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