February 5, 2010




During a fiscal crisis, County and City Officials should take the lead in paying taxes.   Some are busy spending our money but aren’t paying their share.


County Officials:

Commissioner Carl Pennamon owes 2009 property taxes of $1937.04. 

Chief Magistrate Ken Jackson owes 2 years of property taxes—2008 for $365.75 and 2009 for $312.28.  This totals $678.03.

Why do the Commissioners allow employees to be paid with our tax dollars when the employees aren’t paying their own taxes?  One county staff person owes 3 years of property taxes totaling over $2000.00.  Garnishments should be considered.


City Officials:

 City Councilwoman Molly Pompey owes 2009 property taxes of $723.62.

Special Zoning Allowed—Taxes still owed

Remember the big 900 acre rezoning so property could be developed off Highway 11 N?  Property owner William Blincoe has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Total amount owed the County is “complicated” but over $50,000.00.


Past due taxes still owed

Total taxes still due for 2009 –total for county, city, and school board--$1,661,007.

Total taxes still due for 2008-- total for county, city, and school board--$582,991.

Total taxes still due for years previous to 2008-- total for county, city, and school board--$320,798.

Total due and outstanding is $2,564,796.  The portion of these taxes due to the County is approximately 38% according to the Tax Commissioner.  The county’s portion would be close to $974,622


TWG is very aware that many people can not pay their taxes on time or have set up installment payments because they are out of work or have other financial hardships.  If taxes are increased, it will be even worse.  However, elected officials should set the standard and pay on time, as should county employees that are being paid by the citizens with their tax dollars.


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