January 29, 2011



Everything seemed to be going well with Recreation.  People bragged all year about how good the fields looked and how much better everything was running.  The new Rec Director had made a big difference and instead of people leaving to go elsewhere, they were signing up and playing in Jasper County.  The girls softball team went all the way to State.


But it seems everyone isn’t happy.  Comm. Pennamon wants to know why there isn’t a basketball Rec program and thinks the Rec Director should have his hours cut for 3 months of the year.  We also find out that 75% of those that participated in basketball last year did not pay any fees at all.  Watch the video here:


After the meeting citizen comments were allowed.  Listen to the comments about the Rec Director.  Watch the video here:



 Do people really want to go back to the ‘old days’ where Jasper County was known for their poor facilities and questionable handling of money and fees?  You need to let your commissioner know how you feel about Recreation.


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