January 29, 2009

After 3 years of trying, Jack Bernard is finally getting his road paved

In 2006, TWG reported that Chickadee Ct., Mr. Bernard’s road, was listed as the worst paved road in the county according to the report prepared by the County Manager.

September 19, 2006
Commissioner Bernard lives on Chick-a-Dee Ct. “The worst asphalt road in the county” according to the work done by the County Manager at the direction of our Commissioners. This is where Comm. Bernard lives on Chick-a-Dee Ct.


Read entire article and see pictures here: http://www.taxdogs.com/worstroads091906.htm

This past Saturday paving equipment was moved in and parked at the corner of Cardinal and Chickadee Ct. in preparation for paving. 

Pave Equip

Prep work has been done by Jasper County’s Public Works Department.  Markings were made on the road long before the election, but sources tell us that Mr. Bernard wanted the paving to be done “after the election” so it wouldn’t be an issue while he ran for Commissioner again.


As you can see, this road looks nothing like other roads in the county or even in Turtle Cove that are in terrible shape.  Such roads as Purple Martin are so bad that they can’t be considered for LARP funds.  See pictures of other roads near Turtle Cove in September 2006 article—http://www.taxdogs.com/worstroads091906.htm

County Line Road is also one of the 2008 approved LARP roads.  

County Line Road is a much more traveled road than Chickadee Ct.  County Line Road should have been done first as it has been promised for over five years.

 Here’s 2 pictures of County Line Road taken last year.  (Pictures will enlarge if you click on them.)



The “non-politicized” road list of priority roads needs to be redone.  Any one with any common sense understands that a heavily traveled main road should be higher on a list than a subdivision road with 38 houses.



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