January 25, 2009


If County and City are facing such a fiscal crisis why haven’t these people paid their taxes?  They are busy spending our money, but they aren’t paying their share.

County Officials:

Commissioner Chair Carl Pennamon owes 2008 property taxes of $1239.46.  At the swearing in ceremony he affirmed he didn’t owe any monies.

 Former Commissioner Bob Yarbrough still owes 2007 boat taxes of $188.01. 

 Financial staff, HR Officer, Sharon Robinson owes 3 years of property taxes--2006 for $682.33, 2007 for $774.58, and 2008 for $609.70.  This totals $2066.61. 

 Why do the Commissioners allow employees to be paid with our tax dollars when the employees aren’t paying their own taxes?  Garnishments might be considered.

City Officials:

Councilman Bryan Standifer owes 2008 property taxes on four houses.  The total amount of those 4 hours is $3997.79

City Councilwoman Molly Pompey owes 2008 property taxes of $415.21  

Remember the big 900 acre rezoning so property could be developed off Highway 11 N?

Property owner William Blincoe still owes 2007 taxes of $19,039.87.  He owed property taxes of more than this when the BOC allowed the land to be rezoned.  Now in addition, Mr. Blincoe also owes 2008 property taxes of $23,157.13.  Total amount owed $42,197.00.

Everyone has to pay more when some don’t pay their share.  Elected officials should set the standard.



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