January 24, 2011




Yes, JCWSA was back again in front of the BOC asking for money.  They are broke and need another hand out.  How many times is this now?  And for any year the BOC refused to give them money, they say they are owed that money.  They say the county owes them $59,000.


The Bernard-Cox 5 Step Plan to save JCWSA.

Commissioner Cox said he and Comm. Bernard have teamed up to save JCWSA.  They developed a 5 step plan.  You can hear the comments and see the plan here:



VISIONS OF the future

Ken McMichael spoke at the meeting about his vision and JCWSA’s vision for the future of Jasper County and the water authority.  Some of his most interesting comments include:

1.     There will be a mini Reynolds Plantation off Jackson Lake Rd.  This may be because earlier the BOC was told by JCWSA members that Jasper County would have 50,000 people by 2030.

2.     There are Feldspar well fields on the south side of the county that is a huge water resource and will provide water to Jasper County for the next 20 years.

3.     JCWSA is assisting Hoke Thomas with a project on South River.  He says JCWSA has partnered with him to get a water permit and the water from this project will meet the county’s 50 year needs, and there will be excess water to sell bringing in over $1,000,000 a year to the county. 

You can hear his comments here:

JCWSA’s vision for the future per member Ken McMichael


During the meeting the JCWSA members didn’t want anyone to say anything about the past.  We have to get over the past.  Doesn’t the old saying go something like this—if you fail to remember the past, you are doomed to repeat it. 

Despite what JCWSA members try to convince the BOC of, their “facts” have rarely proved to be truthful.  Do you remember these quotes in the Monticello News?  Maybe this is why we are not supposed to remember the past.

  • 3/14/02  “We have to prove these loans can be repaid by income generated from this service.  So to relieve your minds this is not done with money of the taxpayers through the Commissioners officeIf the Watchdog Committee would like to know the truth.”  --  Merrill Clark, Chairman JCWSA 

  • 3/14/02  “The water lines are funded through loans entered into by the JCWSA, with the loans being repaid with funds derived from water sales revenue.  Jasper County tax revenue is not being used for loan repayment.” – Roger Bell, Vice Chair JCWSA

  • 3/14/02  “Once we install lines in Jasper County the JCWSA will be responsible for paying for any lines in Jasper County through water sales.  The Jasper County government will not own the lines, and will not be responsible for repaying any loans.  –Roger Bell, Vice Chair JCWSA


  • 7/8/04  “We don’t answer to the commissioners and no authority member is served by or otherwise benefits from the system.  We will soon have over 30 miles of water line serving over 500 customers at no cost to the taxpayers.”  --Tom Brazil, JCWSA member


  • 7/15/04  “We then started negotiations with Newton County on partnering with them on the Bear Creek Project, as this would be our most economical source of water.”   --Merrill Clark, JCWSA



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