January 21, 2010



After attending the Board of Commissioners meeting last night, one can say with complete certainty that JACK IS BACK and the meetings are a real circus.  Over 100 people attended and watched Jack in action.


First, Bernard tried to shove the idea of borrowing 1.7 million dollars to pave Jackson Lake Rd. down the throats of the other commissioners.   With total arrogance he stated that of all the alternatives he proposed, borrowing this money is the only way to go.  His other ideas were:

a)      to do nothing and let someone get killed, then the road would have to be paved. 

b)     the commissioners could use the SPLOST money to pave it.  Jackson Lake Rd. was never put on the SPLOST list back in 2005 so SPLOST money can not be used.  He continues to tell people that Jackson Lake Rd. is a SPLOST road knowing it is NOT.

c)      borrow 1.7 million dollars, paid back over a 20 year period at some interest figure that somehow ends up being 0% according to Jack because of inflation. 


Bernard made his motion to borrow this money and wanted a 2nd and no discussion, but it didn’t happen that way.   Comm. Hill finally made the second.  Comm. Cox reminded Bernard that this county is in financial disaster and with employees hours being cut and people being furloughed, how in all good conscience could this county borrow that much money to pave ONE ROAD?  Comm. Pennamon reminded Bernard that there are many roads that also are falling apart and need to be repaved.


When Comm. Bernard was asked again and again by Comm. Cox and Comm. Patrick how he would pay this money back, he had no answer except it needed to be paid for out of the budget somehow.   Comm. Bernard finally said it would “only cost $80,000 a year for 20 years.”   That math doesn’t quite work out either.  The answer is RAISE YOUR TAXES but Bernard couldn’t quite say it!  He didn’t dare bring up his $50 tax a parcel idea he had during one of the debates.


Ever wonder how Jasper County got into such financial disaster in the first place?  Bernard!!!! And his other two puppets on the BOC.  The last term with the 3 of them in power it was the SPEND—SPEND--SPEND TERM.  A million dollars overspent and money used that wasn’t theirs to use.  Thank goodness his idea was voted DOWN, with only Bernard voting for and Hill abstaining as usual when things get tough.  The other 3 commissioners voted NO!


Bernard is always so busy bashing others, and when something comes up about him, he can’t take it.  When the fact that the BOC voted at the start of their terms in 2009 not to have their packets mailed to them in order to save a little money, but to come to the BOC office and pick them up, Bernard went off and yelled about how he would be getting his packet in the mail.  It was only $2.75 postage and he felt sure the county could handle it.  He looked at Mrs. Moon to make sure she understood that!  Why is he too lazy?busy? to come to the courthouse to get his own packet or mail?  Other commissioners come a much further distance and work a full time job, and they don’t whine and moan about getting something for themselves.  Oh, yes, maybe because he wants his mileage reimbursed before he ventures out and into the rest of the county.


When it was time for general comments and the public finally had a chance to talk, people got up and talked about how bad OTHER roads in the county were.   They even brought pictures, but Comm. Bernard found it necessary to busy himself with paperwork instead of listening to the people of the forgotten area, you know the other parts of District 3, outside Turtle Cove.  One person was so frustrated, he said Turtle Cove needs to be its own domain and King Jack could be the one man ruler.


Last, but not least,  Commissioner Hill now wants to hire a CFO to do the budget.  You would think that after all the years he and Comm. Pennamon spent on the BOC that they could take the time to do a budget.  Comm. Pennamon has said over and over that’s what he and Comm. Hill have been wanting to do.  Could it be they really don’t understand how it’s done?  Where is the 2010 budget and when does the public get to see it???????



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