January 16, 2011


The street talk says former Public Works Director, Larry Thurman filed an EEOC lawsuit and the county settled for $50,000.  If true, it sure pays to do a bad job!!!


The City Council plans to have a personnel meeting next Tuesday night, January 18th according to the Monticello News.  Rumors are there may be some big changes.  Is it true a Council-person is thinking about resigning so that person can become City Clerk??


There is much talk about our Probate Judge not living in Jasper County anymore.  She and her new husband have a home out of Jasper County.  Is it legal for her to still be Probate Judge??  Does maintaining a home here for her son count?


People say there's the right way, the wrong way and the Jasper County Way of doing things.   There is no doubt about it.



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