January 5, 2010

Commissioner Bernard returns with his ‘backdoor" deals’ and tricks

Here it is a new year and we still have the same old same old going on.   Three to two has a whole new meaning.  The old commissioners that got us in the financial mess against the new commissioners trying to do something better for the county.

First in the vote for Chairman Comm. Hill was elected by Bernard and Pennamon 3-2.  Then the Vice Chair, Comm. Pennamon was elected by Hill and Bernard 3-2.    The same county attorney was retained and any one attending meetings gets the feeling he represents certain commissioners and what they want.  That became real clear in this meeting.


That shining moment of the meeting came from District 3 Commissioner Jack Bernard when he wanted to discuss procedures such as Roberts Rules of Order for meetings.  He had it added to the agenda.  Then just like doing a sneak play, he also produced "Public Comment and Participation Procedures" which he and the county attorney must have worked on over the holidays. It states that the public can make constructive comments on the issues that come before the board in an orderly fashion.  This makes it seem that if Comm. Bernard doesn’t like your comment or if you question him, you can be ruled out of order and asked to leave the meeting.  And you can only comment at the end of the meeting and only if you sign in at the beginning and sit through the entire meeting.  Read it for yourself here:



Since Comm. Bernard  seems to be running the show again it means there will be NO MORE agenda comments. Is he scared of dealing with the public and we know he certainly can’t take criticism well.  When Comm. Patrick questioned how the commissioners could deny people to speak that pay their salaries and pay for county business with their taxes, Comm. Bernard jumped all over her and wanted Comm. Hill to make her shut up.  You can watch this in the video below.


Notice also in the video, that the gang of 3 didn’t read the procedures that were handed out.   It appears soooo obvious they already knew about it!!  The County Attorney drew it up at the request of Comm. Bernard. 



Comm. Hill was also ready to do away with the comments.  Comm. Hill stated he didn't like agenda comments because he felt the people were trying to "sway" his vote ahead of time.  DUH!  Maybe this is why he never answers telephone calls or emails.  He doesn’t want to know what your thoughts are because they might “sway” him to actually vote the way the people want him to.  Comm. Pennamon was on board too.  He’s no different because people complain all the time that he won’t call them back.   So these new procedures passed with Bernard and his two cronies jumping on the band wagon.  The vote was 3-2.


Who wants to sit through a meeting until the end just  to make a comment on something that has already been voted on??  Especially since these three won't pay any attention to you in the first place and don’t want you there at “their meeting.”   The public comments at the end will only be 3 minutes long and limited to only 10 people.  The whole point is they don’t want you at the meeting and if they keep you from commenting you won’t have reason to come and actually see what they are doing.


So it appears Comm. Bernard is back as the puppet master, just like he was before with HIS 3 votes, but this time with Carl on his right hand and Charles on his left.  The financial hole these 3 dug during their last term can only get wider and much, much deeper.   Jack knows how to spend, spend, spend and 3 votes will allow it to continue.


Just in case you think you might want to contact a commissioner, you can get their emails and phone numbers here:


Remember, Comm. Bernard says he takes EVERY call!!



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