January 3, 2009



Jasper County’s first woman commissioner was sworn in Monday, December 29, 2008.  Mary Patrick, a long time advocate of open government and a watchdog, is now the County Commissioner representing District 4.

When asked about the biggest challenge facing the county, she replied, “The budget.  Our budget is going to be a big challenge, especially with the falling revenues due to the downturn in the economy.  I think we’ll have a deficit in 2009 of about $1.5 million.   Out of $9 million budget that’s about 20% short.”

Patrick says another challenge will be learning how to tighten our belt and make very hard, serious decisions.  The county is going to have to make serious cut backs to keep property taxes from increasing dramatically.  Patrick hopes this new board can work as a team saying, “It’s the only way we can do what is right for the citizens.”  Lower revenues are a given and can mean less services for the citizens.  It will be a challenge and everyone is going to have to compromise.  Basic government services like providing public safety and maintaining our roads should be the first priority, according to Patrick.


TWG wishes the new board well.  Citizens are hoping for discussion of real issues, compromise, follow through, and concern for those paying the taxes.  Read our mission statement below.  Our goal is to keep you, the citizen informed, based on that mission statement. 



Mission Statement:
** To keep the taxpayers of Jasper County, Georgia informed as to where and how their tax dollars are being spent.
** To keep the taxpayers abreast of local policies and laws being discussed and enacted.
** We advocate more open government, less government spending, and lower property taxes.

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